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Hollingwood Sports and Bronze Young Ambassdors

Hi, I'm Mr. Melleney. I am the PE Co-ordinator at Hollingwood Primary School and this is my Blog of all things PE-related. Read on for news, information about after-school clubs, competitions inside and outside school and loads of great photos. Get out there!

The inaugural Hollingwood Primary Cross Country Competition!!


The Cross Country Competition route is nearly all set up. It goes across the top of the grass banking which I'm very pleased about. The trees and shrubs have been cut back on either side of this rather technical descent for safety. Hope it all goes well. I might make a 'start/finish' sign tonight to make the event a bit more special.

Winterfest - a great way of trying new sports

Climbing Competition!


I've been preparing the climbing wall for the Climbing Competition. There will be four competition routes.First, there is the old 'green' route, right to left, which children will take on in order to qualify for the finals. Secondly, a new red route, which starts low and stays low. This will be harder for taller children because of how compressed they must make their bodies but easier for shorter children. The red route then finishes up high with a fantastic stretch for the final hold. Thirdly, there is a new orange route which is tackled left to right and requires some clever hand hold sequences at the crux. Finally, a blue route with very slim and difficult footholds.




Our twelve new Bronze Young Ambassadors went for their training at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield today. Look out for lots of new sporting initiatives in school soon - and lots more competitions!



Our Table Tennis After-school club members are getting more and more skillful each week - and even more competitive!



I'm making plans to climb this mountain in February half term 2018. I first saw the mountain from about 15 miles away earlier this year and have now worked out which one it is and where it is. It's called Bidean nam bian, 1150m, described as 'a beautiful but dark mountain whose summit is jealously guarded behind the Three Sisters of Glencoe and Stob Coire nan Lochan'. The summit, which cannot be seen from the road in the valley, is the slightly higher part in the clouds in the centre of the picture. I'm really hoping for it to be snow-capped in February. Fingers crossed...



Got down to the Climbing Works again last night. The more I go, the more I want to train more!

Looking forward to the Hollingwood Climbing Competition next week... I'll be re-setting the wall in the hall for the trials and then making it even harder for the competition.

Trials will be as follows:      Mon 20th: Stephenson     Wed 22nd: Markham     Thu 23rd: Barrow     Fri 24th: Cavendish.

The competition is on Monday 27th - all of KS2 are coming to watch the best climbers battle it out!




In Bike Club today we are pefecting our control skills by being able to not only ride in a straight line and signal safely, but judge speed and distance of another ride and be able to high-five them when passing. Fantastic riding today.



Children wore themselves out in the Children in Need Fun Run today!




Cool Dance Club today - practising all sorts of moves and lifts!


Managed to get out to the Climbing Works. Warmed up on green and blue routes, then tried the 'pinkles' which were very testing! Good work out for fingers and arms.



Today in Bike Club we have been learning how to safely overtake a group of cyclists and slot in in front of them, We tried this in groups of two, then three, then FOUR, then FIVE! Everyone did so well!



Table Tennis Competition at Springwell! Look how big their hall is...


They're so nervous! far we've won 7 out of 12 matches... the competition is fierce


The boys got into the semi-finals and the girls got into the finals - an absolutely super effort. Well done to everyone.



Table Tennis team practise at lunchtime - they are so keen to do well in the competition!



I was delighted to present Table Tennis club with three new nets today. This means we have a net for one of our big blue proper tables AND we can fit nets to our tables made of a cluster of four school desks for a far better table tennis experience.



In Bike Club, we're learning various control skills.



In Parkour, children are learning four different ways of vaulting over an obstacle.



The Table Tennis after-school club are doing brilliantly and training for the competition is going well.



Hiking in the Hebrides on Isle of Eigg, looking across to Isle of Rum and her microclimate. Moist air is pushed high up by the mountains (on the left of the island), forming clouds above. The clouds then reach dew point and begin to rain in the mountains and glens, and after, into the sea (in front of the island).



Got out on a bike ride today: Hope, to Castleton, up the broken road and on to the top of Mam Tor, along Edale Ridge over back Tor and along to Lose Hill - and the fun bit - fast down Lose Hill back into Hope.




Bike Club is going well - we're learning to cycle with a controlled space between bikes.



We took delivery of some new play equipment for our Mini Leaders to run activities today.



Y5 girls are getting football training at dinnertimes from Bobby of the Football Association - they're improving swiftly.



Our lovely new sparkly Bronze Young Ambassadors... eagerly awaiting their training at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) Sheffield in November...


...and our helpful new Mini-Leaders, ready to take on the challenge of making the school GET ACTIVE!




Check out our new Dance Club!






First table tennis Club tonight went really well. We used actual tables as well!






We've had Mini-Leader training! Thanks to Sarah and the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership!






Looking forward to three new After-School Clubs starting this week: Table Tennis (Mondays) Dance (Tuesdays) and Bike Club (Fridays).  I'll post some pictures later this week.




Last year, Hollingwood Primary School achieved 'School Games Silver Award' which we worked really hard for.


This year, we're going for GOLD!


Here are some of the criteria we will need to achieve Gold Award:



  • Get 50% of pupils involved in extra-curricular sporting clubs
  • Get 15% of previously non-active children involved in extra-curricular sporting clubs
  • Run two 'Level 0' (Personal Challenge) competitions (where children try to beat their own personal bests)
  • Run eight 'Level 1' (Inter-House) competitions (where children from one House compete against children from another House)
  • Run six 'Level 2' (Inter-School) competitions (where we children from Hollingwood compete against children from other schools).


It's going to be very exciting!



Parkour Club got off to a great start today after school - children learnt to jump 'two-to-two' which meant jumping with two feet and landing on two feet, as well as big landing moving into a 'safety roll'.




Tomorrow I hope to finalise the list of TWELVE new Bronze Young Ambassadors (who will help run inter-house in-school competitions) and TWELVE new mini-leaders (who will run games and activities at lunchtime, helping to keep children active and involved in sport).



Hi, I'm Mr. Melleney. I'm the school PE Co-ordinator. This is my 'blog' of all things PE-related. Welcome! This year I'll be trying to get as many children involved in sport as possible, especially children who don't normally take part in much physical exercise. Therer will be many clubs and competitions to look forward to!


My favourite sports are big-wall multipitch rock climbing (especially on sea cliffs), snowboarding, mountain biking, sea-kayaking and tennis. I am slowly ticking off the 283 Munro mountains in Scotland. My ambition is to become a qualified paraglider and fly across the mountains in the Alps.


Here are some climbs I've done and mountains I have camped on.


Camping on top of Aoanach Beag, 1234m high, living off melted snow and ice above the clouds.


This is the North Face of Ben Nevis. I have climbed the big ridge in the middle of the picture twice and the thin ridge between the snow once. The ridges take a whole day to climb.




What do YOU like doing?


What do YOU want to do?


Whatever you do, get outside and enjoy yourself!


If you get a grown-up to email me a picture of yourself doing some cool activity out of school, I'll post it on this blog!


Sea cliff climbing at Lands End, Cornwall.