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The Stone Age


We are going back thousands of years to visit the stone age! I can't wait to find out about the different civilizations that roamed the Earth and how they survived! We will find out where they lived and how they built their homes and we will construct our very own! We will learn how they made tools to build and hunt and how they made fire! We will also be looking at cave paintings and we will be creating our own! There are lots of amazing and wonderful facts to learn and I can't wait for our learning journey! 




Extreme Earth


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a great summer. I am so excited to get started on our topic Extreme Earth! We are going to travel to the Earth’s core to find out what is under our feet and create our own model of what is inside of our amazing planet. We are going to study volcanoes looking at how they are formed and what causes them to erupt, I can’t wait to make our own mini erupting volcanoes! We will also be looking at tectonic plates and how they can cause devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. We are going to use what we learn to write our own survival guides! Tornados are another fascinating natural phenomenon that we are going to study, where we will create our own to see how they are formed and look at how scientists track them and collect data about them using specialist equipment.   


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