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Autumn 1

Non-chronological reports


The children started the year writing an ‘All about me’ non-chronological report. Mrs Markham and I really enjoyed finding out about the childrens friends, families, pet and hobbies. 

A selection of the finished reports have been displayed in class.

Instructions and Explanations


In this interesting unit the children learned about imperative (or bossy) verbs and how they are used in instructions to clearly tell the reader how to do something.

The children had fun giving and following instructions when drawing pictures with friends and when creating a piece of artwork.

They then wrote their own instructions in order to improve  those they had read and followed when creating a 'reflections in the water' piece of artwork.


The children then considered the differences between instructions and explanations. They followed a wonderful video of the Horrid Henry illustrator, Tony Ross, telling them how to draw Horrid Henry and had a go at doing so themselves. Finally they  wrote their own version of the explanation so that they could tell a friend or family member how to draw Horrid Henry themselves.



When studying poetry, we  looked at how best 'to paint' a mental picture.

In particular the children considered how similes and metaphors can create these images and came up with some fantastic similes of their own.

They have also discussed poetry and how words can make us feel different emotions.

Finally the children wrote their own fantastic adverb poems. Each child chose their favourite adverb and constructed verse based around these to build up a picture in the readers mind. These were very creative.