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Autumn 2

We have been working hard to write letters to send to Santa!
We had so much fun making biscuits and decorating them! We used lots of maths when we were baking and were able to show how we can take turns.
We had so much fun on our balance bikes!!

Our New Climbing Frame

The children have been getting used to our new climbing frame today. They have so much confidence and can climb up and over then slide down the other side! Super moving!


Our Special RAK (random act of kindness)


We have been talking about being kind and thinking how to be a good friend. We decided to do a RAK for the whole school by making a bun for every child in every classl!

The children were so excited to give out the buns and told each class that the reason why we had made them was because they were 'awesome'!



Autumn Walk


Last week we went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds. We found lots of autumn treasures! This week we will be reading the Percy Park Keeper stories and thinking about how to help the animals in our local environment over the winter.



Halloween Fun!

We have started our week off by making potions and reading the story Room on the Broom- we can't wait for Halloween tomorrow!