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Welcome to Canberra!


We are very excited to be able to share our class news with you.


This term has been very busy and involved lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities.


We were particularly proud to be able to start the term creating our very own poppy sculpture, using our trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park as inspiration. Our 'Hollingwood Tree of Remembrance and Peace' was a beautiful and poignant setting for our community Remembrance Service. We were so pleased that so many of you could join us for the service.

Eden Camp 2015


Canberra class thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Eden Camp to experience different aspects of life during wartime. This visit helped to bring history to life and has inspired our learning back in the classroom.





A Blitz attack interrupted a maths lesson for Canberra and Washington class last week. The children were safely evacuated to an Anderson shelter after the Air Raid Siren alerted them of the impending attack. The Air Raid Warden called for a Blackout while the children endured the attack. Thankfully, the All Clear Siren sounded and the children were safe to leave the shelter.


We will now be taking on the role of a journalist to write newspaper reports of the attack. We are looking forward to sharing our reports with you.


Adventures into Space

What an exciting term Canberra Class have had learning all about space and our solar system. We had an exciting trip to the Space Centre where we enjoyed engaging in the hundreds of interactive displays as well as an ‘out of this world’ experience in the planetarium.   Also during this term we have been busy designing and creating our very own moon buggy models.

World Book Day – ‘Get Caught Reading’

Canberra class thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Get Caught Reading' challenge and we got caught reading in a whole variety of places including at a farm, performing gymnastics, and in the countryside. Harry in Canberra class was one of the runners up when he got caught reading at a West End Show.

 On World Book Day, we came to school dressed in our favourite book characters, everyone looked amazing and we enjoyed creating our own book covers for our favourite books.

British Science Week

British Science Week 2016 saw Canberra Class making lots of cups of tea in their quest to identify what material makes a good tea bag.  We also had the chance to carry out six investigations, which covered several different aspects of science, during the afternoon.

Rats, Fleas and Deadly Disease

Before Easter Canberra class began to learn about the Derbyshire village Eyam and its importance in the prevention of the spread of the Bubonic Plague in the North of England. We have learnt all about how the plague spread to Eyam and the sacrifices the people made. Recently, we have been learning about William Mompesson, the rector who made the decision to isolate the village, and the well he used to retrieve food for the villagers. Currently we are writing diaries from the perspective of William Mompesson and are planning to visit this historical village in May.

SATs Revision

The year 6 children have been working incredibly hard revising and practising in preparation for the SATs in May.  Miss Evans and Mrs Kennell are very proud of the year 6’s determination and dedication to their learning.

Exploring Eyam


Canberra Class have been out in Derbyshire exploring the beautiful historic village of Eyam this term. The children began their visit at St Lawrence Church where a local villager talked about the plague at Eyam and how the rector of the church, William Mompesson, isolated the village to prevent the spread of the disease.  They were also told about the 48 descendants who still live in the village.


Later in the visit the children made the historical trek to Mompesson’s Well, one of the boundary stones used during the plague. Despite the initial pouring rain the children really enjoyed their day and the visit allowed the children to see the village and significant locations they have been learning about in school first hand.

Take One Picture - Art Week


During the Take One Picture Art Week the children in Canberra Class have been creating art work based on the picture ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Men Entertaining Richard the Lionheart in Sherwood Forest’ (D.Maclisse 1839). The children created a woven Sculpture of the Major Oak as the focus of their exhibition. Inside the model, were clay sculpture were clay models of Robin Hood's loot that he would  would have taken from the rich to give to the poor. Covering the Major Oak were leaves created using a variety of different artistic techniques.  Finally, surrounding the tree sculpture were the children's pastel pictures of Sherwood Forest.