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Magnificent Music!


Wow! All the adults were blown away by our amazing Singing Star performance this week. After weeks of hard work with our teacher, Christina, we put on a performance to really remember.  See below for photos (we are working on a video clip too..)




For more exciting news of our Artsmark work follow our Artsmark Twitter account  @hollingwoodarts



Visits and visitors!






We've had some great visits and visitors during our 'Why doesn't a polar bear live in the desert?' topic!


We had White Post Farm in so we could look closely at some farm animals.




We visited the canal in Hollingwood, so we could look at the habitats of creatures that live locally.








We even went to The Deep in Hull so we could investigate sea creatures and polar creatures (well, penguins!)



Take One Picture Week.



We took one picture and produced lots from it! The painting was called ' View of Nottingham from the East' by Jan Sieberechts. Here it is..


We discussed all sorts of things to do with this painting. We taked about when and where it might have been painted. We noticed there was a knight on a horse in the painting. This inspired us to draw maps of the knight's journey and write stories of his adventures!



This is a sneak peek of the gallery we produced from it. We invited our adults in to have a look!

We love it that our school is an Artsmark school.. such fun!



Why doesn't a polar bear live in the dessert? (Part 2!)


We finished last half term in a great way! With a 'Hands on at Hollingwood' event. We had adults come into school with us to work on art and topic based activities! As we were learning about Japan, we made these great Koi Carp Kites...






Look at our amazing art gallery of work...





We are so proud that we are an Artsmark school. You can see why! 









Why doesn't a polar bear live in the desert?



Do you know? well we are going to be finding out over the summer term! This topic will last until July. Key Stage 1 are going to be going on a 'round the world' trip, setting sale from England and finally ending up in Brazil in time to prepare for the Rio Olympics! We couldn't be any more excited!


We have already kicked off the topic in style with a visit from White Post farm. We got to look closely at some real animals and found out some interesting facts that we did not know before. We found out that a mouse's favourite food starts with a 'ch' sound! It's not cheese, but...CHOCOLATE! Who knew!



We have been doing some fabulous writing too. Over the next couple of weeks our writing will be non-fiction based. firstly we will be writing recounts, then making our own information sheets about animals!



We made our own binoculars and used them to see what creatures were living around our school. What do you think we found? We love learning outdoors!

Musical Madness


We are very lucky in Key Stage 1 to have a teacher from The Derbyhire Music Hub working with us over the next 10 weeks... This will take place on Tuesday mornings between 9.10 and 9.55.

Year 2 will be working on The Singing Stars programme, learning about performing songs and the different elements of pieces of music. Year 1 children will be working with Mrs Chell on The Musical Gems programme, which also involves using instruments and basic singing skills.

We are proud that our school is an ArtsMark school and we are working towards retaining our Gold ArtsMark Award!


Read more about the ArtsMark here:

Fun in the Sun


Cardiff class have had such fun looking after our flower bed... things are finally starting to grow. we have show great care in getting rid of those pesky snails so they don't eat our vegetables! 




What did the 1960s do for us?


Cardiff class have had an amazing time this half term doing all sorts of learning about the 1960s!


We have learned songs by the Beatles, including 'All you need is Love' and 'Yellow Submarine'


We wrote some excellent fact files about The Beatles and we even wrote some postcards from the 1960s!


The art work we have produced this half term has been even more amazing. Did you enjoy our 1960s gallery? If you didn't get the opportunity to come and have a look, please do so as it will be up in school for a few weeks. There is a preview of our impressive work below...

We are so proud to be an Artsmark school... This could be why?   

1960s gallery

January 22nd 2016- All children have been given their new homework 'menu'. We hope you like it! You can chose to do as much as you like, or add your own ideas too! This needs to be completed in the green homework books and returned to school before the end of the term in order to be marked before next term begins. Have fun! We look forward to reading your fabulous work! smiley



Spring Term 1- Our topic this half term is a enquiry based one!


'Did Grandad play with a playstation?'


We thought maybe he might have done, but we soon found out that this was not the case! We have been finding out lots about Toys during this topic and the sorts of toys that were around in the past. The children have been encouraged to speak to familiy members about what they played with when they were children. We have had some interesting things brought into school to share! Phoebe brought in a box full of 'Trolls' that belong to her mum. Remember these? Miss Tyler does!



Keiron brought in this "Old fashioned computer" (his words!) that belongs to his Dad.


Look at all of these other old fashioned toys that we are lucky enough to have on loan from Derbyshire Library Service.


Some of our English work has been based around the 'Toy Story' movies as we have been doing some 'Visual Literacy'. We have been looking at clips from the films and using these as a basis for drama and writing our own stories.


During our 'instructions' work have also been following instructions to make a rocket, like the one Buzz Lightyear might use to get to the moon! Cardiff Class have certainly enjoyed using 'bossy' verbs. We even went outside to play a 'bossy verb' game, where we gave instructions to the other children in the class. Who knew how bossy Cardiff Class could be?!



During our SEAL work, we thought about the song 'You've got a friend in me' from the film and we have been considering what it actually means to be a good friend to somebody and how we can get along together.



Cardiff and Dublin group maths has involved a range of topics, from 3d shape and writing numbers as words to recognising the value of each digit in a 2 digit number.


Try these websites for some great practise games:

Numbers as words


Two digit numbers (place value)


Shape  (3d shape) (2d shape)


We are also very lucky this term as we have Mrs Parkinson working with us, who is a teaching student from Norbridge School. She has settled in very well and is lots of fun to be around! What an exciting term!



The Adventures of Sparkle the Elf!

Christmas is coming...


1st December 2015- Cardiff Class have had a fantastic surprise today. After we came back from lunch there was a little parcel in our class. Miss Tyler carefully opened the box and inside was a letter from the North Pole! Can you believe that Santa sent us an elf 'Sparkle' to watch over us in the run up to Christmas? We have got two rules to follow with Sparkle...

1.  Never touch Sparkle otherwise he might lose his magic

2. Keep a close eye on him because he gets up to mischief!

We will keep you posted on his adventures!


Cardiff Class Visit the Fire Station!


This week we have had a great time visiting the Fire Station at Staveley! We went into a real fire engine, tried on some of the fire fighters clothing and even got to squirt the hoses! At the end of our trip we went into the 'smokehouse' where the fire fighters practise putting out real fires and rescuing people from buildings! It was so exciting!



Welcome to Cardiff!

"Croeso i Caerdydd"



Welcome to Cardiff Class web page! Miss Tyler and Mrs Flint will be sharing lots of exciting news with you on this page over the year.

We have lots of things happening over the next few weeks. On Monday 30th November Cardiff and Dublin Classes will be visiting Staveley Fire Station in the morning as part of our 'Fire, Fire' topic. The Fire Service is also visiting us in school on the morning of the 9th December to talk about fire safety with the Year 2 children.  On the 11th December we are going on a trip to the Pomegranate to see the 'Snow White' pantomime so it is going to be a very busy few weeks! Most of all, we are really looking forward to our Christmas concerts on 9th and 10th December at 2.30! 


Autumn Term Fun!


Cardiff have had great fun during the Autumn term. Here are some of our favourite times so far...


A Letter from Buckingham Palace!


We wrote to the Queen to congratulate her on being our longest reigning monarch! Guess what? We had a reply from her Lady in Waiting!


Our cards



The reply!



Where in the World is Cardiff?


We learned all about Cardiff! We discussed what we might see if we went to Cardiff, learned some Welsh and found out about famous people who come from Wales! Did you know Roald Dahl is Welsh? We read 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and 'The Minpins'! Minpins are tiny people who live in the forest! We decided to go on a hunt for Minpins in our school...


Look at what we found!

A tiny 'Minpin' door.



This was our favourite quote from 'The Minpins'



Do you believe in magic? We do!