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Our Attendance Certificates

Our Attendance Certificates 1
Our Attendance Certificates 2
Our Attendance Certificates 3
Our Attendance Certificates 4




BS has earned two medals for
participating in football matches.
smiley WELL DONE! smiley


BS has been presented with a trophy and a
medal for his participation in a football tournament.
smiley WELL DONE! smiley


BS has been awarded a trophy for being an
invaluable member of his new football team.
smiley WELL DONE! smiley


AS has achieved her 200m swimming badge.
smiley WELL DONE! smiley



SB has earned a Blue Peter badge
for writing a brilliant letter about his holidays.
smiley WELL DONE! smiley




Jessica has earned a Blue Peter badge for writing a story
about a troll who eats a butterfly to make him happy.

smiley WELL DONE! smiley