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A silent debate about is it ethical to send animals into space.

This term our English work is based on the Solar System. We have designed  travel brochures using ICT and are debating whether it is ethical to send animals into space.

Adding to our recommended readers

We are reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as a class.written by Rick Riordan. This is a fantasy action story about a boy who is half-god and half-human.

We are all enjoying reading the story and many of the children are reading other books by the same author as one of their recommended reads.

R2l Read to learn.

Sharing our knowledge using ideas from the inset day.

This term in English we are linking our work to the topic War and Peace. This has involved us writing descriptively using similes, metaphors and personification to bring our writing to life when describing 'dog fights' in World War 2.We will also be writing a news report about life in the Blitz.

Also in English we are developing comprehension skills to gain a much clearer understanding of the texts we are covering. In grammar we are studying word classes and how to use this knowledge to improve our writing.Children are following the Read, Write inc scheme to improve their spellings and each week they will have a list of spellings to learn in their homework diaries.

Recommended Reads has now been launched and children are encouraged to read the books from their year group list - a great idea to add to birthday and Xmas day present lists. Each week children are asked to obtain a signature from home which is recorded in their homework diaries to confirm they have read at home.



Recommended reads