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In English we have been creative thinking and created our own creature called a Miptor! Canberra Class then wrote a guide on how to look after your Miptor and thought about, exercise, diet, habits, and what it looks like. Some of the ways to look after your Miptor might sound a little silly but it is very important that you follow the instructions to help you raise your Miptor.

Mystery story!

Canberra Class have watched a video clip of someone walking through a mysterious forest alone or are they? Their task is to think, using their bloom taxonomy skills, what might have happened before they got to the forest and what is going to happen next. Watch the video below and see if you can come up with your own mystery story. Keep a look out for some of our stories coming soon. 

Woodland walk

Still image for this video

Holes Diary Entry

Holes Diary Entry

The children in Canberra Class have really been enjoying our R2L reading book "holes". Our favourite chapter so far has been chapter 20, which the class have named The Dark Chapter. Poor Stanley took the blame for something he didn't do and was marched to the Wardens office by Mr Sir, only to find the warden painting her nails with nail varnish that was poisonous! But the warden did not harm Stanley- instead she scratched Mr Sir who was left in agony on the floor. The class are now writing a diary entry in the role of Stanley to convey Stanley's emotions throughout this this space for our final written work!


Blooms Taxonomy

In English we have been using the Blooms Taxonomy wheel to help us learn how to answer comprehension questions. We then used our new skills to help us plan our R2L work on our book 'holes' and planned how we were best going to achieve our learning objective.

Blooms Taxonomy

We have now read most of The Hobbit and have been so amazed with all the adventures that have happened so far. Our next challenge is to write our own chapter which will include another exciting and possibly dangerous quest for Bilbo and his friends.

This term we have been reading the mystical tale of The Hobbit written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

We have also looked at Blooms Taxonomy, to help us understand more about comprehension questions and how we are being asked to answer them.

To help us to do this we created our own freeze frames from different parts of The Hobbit text and wrote our own questions on that scene.

In English we have been planning in groups a mystery story.

                                                                   The Mystery of the Missing Mummy!

We have worked together to come up with ideas of what happened to the mummy and where he has gone.The children came up with some fantastic ideas and even included clues into their stories to help solve the mystery. Exciting, mystery stories from our young writers are being created, we cannot wait to read them!

The Mystery of The Missing Mummy!