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Eric Carle Class

We were so excited about our special Bumble Bear picnic. At bee school we made honey sandwiches, wrote invitations, painted pictures and learned how to waggle dance.

Our book of the week is The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, we are learning to take care of the plants in our garden.

Afternoon Nursery are loving the sunshine. We have made a campfire and are practising writing m for marshmallow and c for campfire.

We are learning to use Makaton to help us sing the wheels on the bus.

Betty Bear had her first holiday with Dylan, they had a fabulous time and made brilliant banana bread.

We loved our bedtime story day, we all wore our pyjamas and read our favourite stories.

We love our new buckets, spades and rakes, lots of fantastic maths language was used in the sandpit today.

It was lovely to welcome special ladies into Nursery to celebrate Mothers Day. We hope you enjoyed the buns your fantastic children baked for you.

Happy pancake day! We are choosing our favourite toppings and found out that the biggest pancake in the world measured 15 metres long.

We absolutely love zipping around our outdoor area on our new balance bikes, we have made an obstacle course to weave in and out of.

We made delicious noodles to help us to learn about Chinese New Year.

These children had a lovey walk to the local shop to buy a special snack for their friends in Nursery.

Nursery have painted some beautiful animals, they were inspired by the story 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?'

The Three Bears story is one of our favourites, we had great fun making and tasting porridge. We loved exploring oats in our water area.

Nursery learned a fabulous Indian dance, the music was beautiful and made us want to move our feet. We made chapattis and ate them with tangy mango chutney.

Our first healthy eating cooking club was a fantastic experience for all involved, the vegetable fajitas were delicious.

We hope the birds enjoy their homemade seed cakes.

Here we are making bird seed cakes to feed the birds in our school grounds this winter.

All of the children in Nursery had a fabulous time making healthy food. We used the internet to find out where rice grows then made rice with vegetables, it tasted delicious. The children loved eating the vegetables and worked really well as a team to prepare the ingredients.

Luca had a wonderful time making bread with Betty Bear and his family. He was really kind and shared the loaf with his friends in Nursery.

We love our digit dancing, its fabulous exercise and helps us to recognise and form digits.

We used photographs and images on the computer to inspire us to paint our own winter time pictures. There was lots of colour mixing and talking about the colours of the seasons.

Afternoon Nursery had a lovely walk in the local area. We went to church to listen to the Nativity Story.

Fantastic formation of the letter d.

We worked as a team and used our counting skills to make delicious biscuits.

We went on a Frozen yoga adventure, here we are stretching up high and saying hello to the snow.

It was wonderful to be out and about in our community. We visited church to learn about the events in the Nativity.

The children were absolute stars in our Christmas sing along. Thank you to all of the grown ups who joined in with the singing, it was lovely to see you.

We made a delicious yule log, we used our finger muscles to break up the chocolate.

We used the internet to search for pictures of snowmen. We were inspired to create our very own snowmen, they look beautiful.

We love to keep healthy by doing our daily Yoga session, it helps us to feel calm and strong. The Ambassadors from KS2 love to help us.

Nursery used their maths skills to bake delicious ginger and cinnamon biscuits, they smelled and tasted delicious.

We loved our groovy digit dance, it helped us to write the number 6.

These children were very busy finding out which tyres would roll the fastest down the ramp.

Betty, George and Nana Sue had a wonderful time following instructions to make a yummy treacle sponge. George told his friends all about it in the baking book.

We ate the homemade bread for snack, it was delicious.

We made a delicious loaf of bread, the children used their finger muscles to knead and stretch the dough.

We love using the interactive whiteboard to support our counting skills.

We have made some beautiful art work using the colours of Autumn to inspire us.

We are making tasty chocolate appples with sprinkles.

Look at our little monsters, we have had lots of spooktastic fun playing spooky games and dancing.

In the baking basket we have the recipe for mini treacle sponge cakes, they taste delicious.

Strengthening our finger muscles and using fantastic hand / eye co-ordination. Super concentration too.

We made toast and chose from a selction of delicious toppings.

Enjoying our Owl Babies story in the Woodland Wonderland, we even checked the trees for real owls.

Fun on the bikes - role play, turn taking, negotiating space, recognising signs and writing!

We are making a healthy fruit salad for our snack.

Another brilliant building project, "a rowing boat to keep us dry." Inspired by a carboard box!

We love The Gingerbread Man story, we made delicious gingerbread men, retold the story with puppets and used ginerbread playdough to cut different shapes. Our classroom smells delicious!

We have great fun using flipper flappers in digit dances, this helps us to write our numbers.

We have had a fantastic first week in Nursery. We are getting used to the routines and making sure we look after each other. We have each picked an apple in our school grounds and used them to make a delicious apple crumble for our snack.