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At Hollingwood Primary School we intend that geography will not only give children the skills to help them to understand and make sense of the world in which they are living but also give them the ability to go into that world with empathy and an awareness of their potential impact upon it.


Developing a rich understanding of the world through carefully planned activities will enable children to think creatively and critically about other people and the places in which they live. It will also give them an awareness of the environmental issues and problems the world faces now and may face in the future as well as those issues which may be closer to home and affect them more directly.


Useful life skills such as problem solving, ICT and map work lend themselves perfectly to geography and children will have a variety of opportunities to master these skills through local and world study as well as enabling them to find different ways of presenting their information.


Geography helps children determine their place and impact in a diverse ever-changing world and the skills to make sense of it and is an important part of our curriculum at Hollingwood Primary School.