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Home Visits/Start Dates


On your initial visit to school we will give you a home visit date and arrange a start date for your child. Mrs Glossop and Mrs Ravey will be coming to visit you in your homes.


Settling into nursery is an important time for young children and their families. For some children this will be the first time they may have been left with another person and often the first time they have been left in a larger environment. At Hollingwood Primary School nursery we aim to make this process as smooth as possible. All children and families are unique and as such their individual needs are taken into account throughout the settling in process. Through discussion with each child’s key carer individual arrangements are agreed for each child.


After your child’s home visit and first visit to nursery we encourage you to make additional visits to the nursery before their start date. Children who have had several visits will often settle more easily. These visits will be particularly valuable if you are a working parent and need to settle your child quickly.


Children’s entry into nursery is staggered to enable staff to spend time welcoming and settling new children.


On your child’s start date parents/carers should:

  • Arrive at 8.45am or 12.35pm at the nursery entrance

  • Ideally be prepared to stay with their child within nursery, or arrange for another familiar adult to do so.


We hope that by working with parents/carers we can provide the best possible start for your child’s entry into nursery, laying firm foundations for the future.