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Learning Journey

Each child has a ‘Learning Journey’ within the classroom that records your child’s learning and achievements during school. These yellow and blue books represent both child-initiated activities and directed tasks. These are always available for you to look through. We also encourage you to contribute to these by making small observations at home on the parent observation sheets. For example, if your child zips their coat up for the first time or recognises numbers on houses or buses while you are out and about. These obsevation sheets are available for you to pick up next to the observation board.


Focus Children


In order for us to make the most of what we know about your child’s needs and interests we select 4 ‘focus children’ on a rota basis. The children will bring a camera/tablet home with them to capture photographs  of people, events, pets or activities which are special to them. We use these images as a prompt for our planning and incorporate them into you child’s learning journey. We will later offer you the opportunity to look through you child’s learning journey to see how this information has impacted on the activities we have developed for them.