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PE (Physical Education) at Hollingwood Primary School is taught in a way in which our school values of ‘Respect, Resilience and Responsibility’ heavily underpin the teaching and learning we deliver. We believe that PE is an integral part of a child’s holistic development and therefore ensure all children are given weekly opportunity to develop both physically and emotionally within their PE lessons. We pride ourselves in the delivery of an inclusive curriculum, where each and every child can aspire and achieve.


Our aim is to promote a life-long, healthy and positive relationship with physical activity for the children in our school. We strive to equip the children with the knowledge and skills they need in order to be able to lead healthy and active lives. Particularly, in this current climate, we recognise the central importance of children’s mental health and wellbeing and the crucial role that keeping active can play in the social and emotional development of the children. We intend for all children to develop the social skills within PE that enable children to effectively work with and encourage others, progressing towards leadership amongst peers.


We aim for the children to develop both self-confidence and social-confidence within a safe and stimulating environment. Our curriculum also aims to support pupils in their personal development in regards to attributes such as resilience, determination and commitment. We strive to deliver high-quality physical education which also embeds values such as fairness and respect; enabling the children to successfully engage with both competitive and skills-based sport. The programme we deliver places a heavy focus on personal best and personal challenge, where we aim for the children to develop a sense of pride in their achievements.


We are passionate to develop a strong sense of interest and enthusiasm for sport amongst the children, where we encourage individual talents and skills. Our role is to nurture these interests and provide the guidance which will enable the children to develop this further, both in and out of school.


We use a scheme called ‘Real PE’ developed by Create Development to deliver two sessions of weekly PE lessons. Within this scheme, we focus on six multi-abilities; Cognitive, Creative, Social, Physical, Health and Fitness and Personal. This scheme encompasses the Government’s expectations for children to develop a confidence in their physicality which inspires them to lead active and healthy lives.


Please click the link below to find out more about the skill progression the children will undertake in their Real PE journeys at Hollingwood Primary School.