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Children and parents joined us in our Autumn walk to Ringwood park. The children had a list of objects they had to find in woods. The children were brilliantly behaved and we came back with lots of Autumn treasures to use in our learning when we got back to school. Thank you to all the parks for joining us on the walk. We couldn't have done it without you. 
We looked at the story of the Gingerbread Man following the children's interest. It has inspired lots of different learning. The children retold the story with the characters in the tuff spot, they used a variety of different resources from the construction area to tell it. They made Gingerbread Men from ginger play dough which they pretended to cook, sharing them out evenly with their friends. The boys particularly had an interest in making masks where they showed great resilience until they had completed them. The children then took them outside and acted out the story in a group using different props! A fantastic week of learning and playing! 

The Gingerbread Man!

A jail for the baddies!
Team work to help build the jail!
Writing about where we caught the baddies!
1:1 counting and number matching on the cake!
Ava read us the hungry caterpillar!!
Developing our shoulder pivots!
Matching numbers and quantity!

Look what we have been doing this week!

Lotty used the glue to steadily!
'we're making music'
Helping with snack
Tea anyone?
First you need a cup
Then add a teabag
Then add water
Take the teabag out!
We cut the marrow together!
Lottie had a go at peeling the marrow
Lottie bought the marrow from her allotment!
We took it in turns to peel it!
We played a game where practice our counting!
Today it's a safari hide out!
The lady is going in the shower
Ella is poorly, Paige writes a prescription
Don't climb on the roof it's dangerous wrote Layla
'we're in the safety boats'
'lets build the roof'
'I've got a long pole'
'this is the Eiffel tower'