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Read Write Inc.

At Hollingwood, we learn phonics through Read Write Inc.


When children are initially learning the phonemes (sounds), each one has an accompanying picture. This helps children to memorise them and also form the letters correctly when writing. We also read story books that are specifically tailored to your child's stage in that only the sounds they know will be included in the text. This way, a love of reading is promoted and reading fluency is increased.  


  Please see below for videos with more information, courtesy of Ruth Miskin Training.

Information for Parents: Understanding Phonics

This video on understanding phonics is ideal for parents of incoming Reception children. It explains what the National Curriculum says about learning to read, why learning to read and spell in English is more difficult than in other languages, and how phonics can help.

Information for Parents: What is Read Write Inc. Phonics?

If your child attends a Read Write Inc. school, watch this video to find out why children love learning to read, write and spell using Read Write Inc. Phonics, how Read Write Inc. Phonics works in school, and how parents can help at home.

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Confused about how to pronounce the sounds found in Read Write Inc. Phonics? Worry not - 5-year-old Sylvie is here to show you how! Use this guide to support your child when practising the sounds at home.

Information for Parents: Why read to your child?

Reading to your child is one of the most valuable things you can do as a parent to ensure their well-being. In this video, find out about the benefits of reading to your child.

Information for Parents: The Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check is a short, simple test taken by Year 1 children in England each June to assess their reading ability. Parents can watch our short video to find out what happens during the check and why it's useful.