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At Hollingwood Primary School reading lies at the heart of the curriculum. Our aim is that all children become fluent, habitual readers who read for purpose and pleasure. Being able to read well matters, it significantly impacts on success in school and beyond.


All children across school are explicitly taught the skills of reading through VIPERS reading lessons. VIPERS is an anagram to aid the recall of the six reading domains: vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, sequence / summarise. Each class has the reading VIPERS displayed and the class teacher will make explicit links to the skill the children are learning about. This gives all children in our school a common language to allow them to discuss their reading knowledge. Texts used in reading lessons are mapped out across school to ensure coverage of a range of genres. We are proud of the diverse range of high quality texts that we expose all children in school to.


Every class in school has a class text that is read to them daily. Texts are chosen from a diverse selection of recommended reads. We know that reading can give children access to experiences that they can identify with and also experiences different to their own. Reading to children daily ensures that we continue to develop their vocabulary and understanding of characters beyond their reading level.


 All classes contribute to the #HollingwoodReads display, the display includes quotes from the text, quotes from children about the book, pictures, photographs and writing. A Hollingwood Reading Twitter account help us to convey our message of the importance of reading at our school. We are very proud of our well stocked library with carefully chosen high quality texts.



At Hollingwood Primary School, we teach a systematic approach to phonics alongside sight reading strategies and comprehension skills. Our intent is that children become independent readers as early as possible.


We firmly believe that once children learn to read, they can read to learn. Learning to read as early as possible opens up a whole world of literature for them to explore and gain knowledge from. We use half-termly RWI assessments and Phonics Screening Checks to advise this process and aim to use these to place children into groups of current attainment that can be as effective as possible. 


We recognise that early reading is one of the key building blocks to learning and aim to help children become fluent, confident readers with excellent skills of comprehension.