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Spring 1

We read the Scarecrow's wedding and we loved the story! We made invitations and even some scarecrow puppets that move!
We had a fantastic time deciding on toppings for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday- we had even more fun eating them!!

We have had a fantastic time learning about Chinese New Year this week. We did lots of things to help us learn about the Chinese culture including ; making spring rolls, singing a Chinese New Year song and doing a 'dragon dance' in PE. We even found out about the Chinese zodiac and we learnt that the children in our class were born in the year of the Dragon or the year of the Snake. Miss Jackson was born in the year of the Monkey!



Have a look at our Chinese New Year song on Twitter

Ahoy there me hearties! We are enjoying our new topic of Pirates. We even had a pirate day! We have been doing all things pirate- even making our own treasure maps- x marks the spot!

We have been inspired by the book Aliens Love Underpants! We have designed our own aliens and made junk model aliens and spaceships too!



We love going to the library every half term. We always make sure we are safe when we cross the road!

We are really interested in space so this week we are learning all about it! Our teachers are so impressed with our work so far - we have been so enthusiastic. We have learnt about Van Gogh's 'starry night' painting and started creating some starry paintings of our own. We have also been drawing space pictures and labelling them.

Our topic this term is 'Let's Pretend'. Last week we read a book called 'You Choose'. It had lots of different ideas for what we could pretend to be.