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Spring 1

The children have produced some fantastic pieces of work in English this half term.

We started off by studying Aesop's fable Androcles and The Lion. We learned this story in detail and then amended some small details to write our own versions. I really enjoyed reading about such interesting stories as 'Rosie and the Unicorn' and 'Sam and the Crocodile'.


After that, we learned all about The Battle of Marathon. We studied the details of the battle in detail and created a freeze frame comic strip of events.

Then we wrote our own recount of the battle.

We were pleased that the Athenians were able to mount a surprise attack to defeat the Persians!


Finally this half term, we have looked at  myths. We researched different Ancient Greek myths and in particular were interested in Perseus and Medusa and Pandora's Box.

We thought all about the deeper meanings of the Pandora's Box myth and in particular thought about hope and its importance to us in life.