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Tantilising Topic

An educational visit to the local church to learn about the story of Christmas

Christmas Cards Challenge and Choice - cards designed and made by the children.

We've worked so, so hard on learning our lines and our cues. Now it's done!

Check out our singing and acting in the Nativity!

We watched a great panto today. Oh no we didn't! Oh yes we did!

Icing gingerbread men and trees for our stall at the Christmas Fair

Annual Leaf Fight - why wouldn't you?

Still image for this video

Making observations of a candle flame in science

We pretended to be The Great Fire of London

Our finished Remembrance Day display

Learning to use a glue gun

Learning to paint with brushes appropriate for the job - wide brushes for the mound

Making our poppy petals and poppies

Firework Scratch Art

Y2 Fire Safety - what to do in different emergency situations

Educational Visit to THE DEEP!

Can you roll a hoop, run after it, overtake it and catch it?

The wonderful 'Blue Planet'.

Dissecting a fish to look at human / fish skeleton similarities

What a super hedgehog a parent brought in today!

We had a great time developing partnerwork by playing 'Arches and Backs' today!

Working on mixing three or four colours to get just the right skin tone and other colours for our portraits.

Take a look at our van Gogh-inspired backdrops. Self-portraits to be added soon...

Why are our eyes important? What are the parts of an eye? How do we see?

Computing: Can you take a selfie with a Kindle?

Where are our organs? What bones are in our chests? What do we already know?

Discussing the x-rays

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Learning about X-rays with Mr. M's home-made lightbox

What does icy water feel like?

'Man-hauling' our sledge, just like Ranulph Fiennes