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Time Travellers - The Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks


This topic was a fantastic success. The children and I learned a great deal about the Ancient Greek Civilisation.

We learned all about:


  • Who - the city states that made up the Greek Empire
  • When - a timeline of the Greek Empire
  • Where - a map of the Ancient Greek Empire
  • We learned about the differences in peoples in the city states and compared life in Athens and Sparta and life in the present day.
  • We learned all about The Battle of Marathon - we even designed our own Hoplite Shield and practiced the Phalanx formation!
  • We learned all about Ancient Greek Gods and made a fact file with information.
  • We learned about Greek Pottery and applied this our historical knowledge. We considered which sources are useful for historians and archaeologists and learned the difference between primary and secondary sources of information.



Well done Delhi Class!

I think this was our most successful topic yet!


Ancient Greeks