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This topic begins with a trip to The National Space Centre to hook our interests into all things space. We learn all about Neil Armstrong’s life, write descriptions of aliens and create poetry about an imaginary planet. 

Programming Space Bots 🛸

Creating and following algorithms

Designing and making space stations

Fire! Fire!

From Bonfire Night to the Great Fire of London, this topic is all about fire! We learn what an adjective is and use them to write poetry. We delve into the history of the Great Fire and write our own newspaper reports about what happened.

Great Fire of London Drama Workshop

Disney Class know so much about The Great Fire!

Firework scratch art - wow!

Scratch art practise

Ourselves and Animals

We begin this topic by thinking all about ourselves: what we look like, our interests and what our bodies can do. Then we look at similarities between our bodies and the bodies of other animals, focussing on bones and organs. We finish the topic with a trip to The Deep to consolidate all the learning we have been doing. 

Comparing fish and humans

Charlotte the hedgehog came to visit!

What do our bodies look like on the inside?

We thought about the question "What is special to me?"

Our finished portraits - they look AMAZING!

Painting our portraits in the style of Van Gogh.

We used special tracing paper to begin our portraits, inspired by Van Gogh.

Exploring famous art - is it by Vincent Van Gogh?