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Our ‘War & Peace’ topic focuses on life through WW2. We have expressed great interest in this topic and many of us are talking about our learning at home. During lessons, we have been reminiscing about our families’ experiences through WW2 - Thank you for sharing your photos and memorabilia with us!


Recently, we have explored food rationing and now understand how this system supported Britain’s war efforts between 1940 and 1954. Using rationed ingredients, we followed a wartime recipe and produced batches of delicious Carrot Cookies. Initially, we were confused about the unusual use of carrot in cookies. However, after studying the Ministry of Food’s propaganda posters, they discovered that carrots were the home fronts secret weapon! Wartime children were convinced that carrots on sticks were just as tasty as ice-creams and that eating lots of carrots helped you ‘see in the dark’ during blackouts.


Our fantastic trip to Eden Camp was an eye-opening experience; and it helped to concrete our understandings and erase any misconceptions. We particularly enjoyed watching a 1940’s puppet show – “No, it’s not!” , “Yes, it is!”. The exhibitions allowed children to compare and reflect upon wartime and modern lifestyles.


Our current focus is 'Propaganda'. We have been tasked with a 'Choice and Challenge' project and will be designing and delivering our own WW2 propaganda campaign.