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Picture 1 We know that a castle should be located...
Picture 2 ...on high ground. If all of the school grounds...
Picture 3 ...were trees, 1,000 years ago, where would we...
Picture 4 ...decide to build our castle keep and walls?
Picture 1 Looking for the north end of the school grounds...
Picture 2 ..Over there?
Picture 3
Picture 4 That is as far north as we can go!
Picture 5 Now... west!
Picture 6
Picture 7 Keep going!
Picture 8 Up there!
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13 Now we've gone as far east as we can go...
Picture 14 ..writing about what we've found out.
Picture 1 KS1 educational Visit to Bolsover Castle!
Picture 2 Whoa, look up that chimney!
Picture 3 "..and here is where the sword smashed the marble!
Picture 4 Look at that view! A good defensive position...
Picture 5 Going for a stroll along the Wall Walk
Picture 6 Playing 'Capture the Flag' using NESW directions
Picture 7
Picture 8 We got it!
Picture 9 We win!
Picture 10 Yeeees!
Picture 11 Cardiff Class mascot Dafydd the Dragon joins in
Picture 12 Fantastic exercise AND learning compass directions
Picture 1 Making our own castles!
Picture 2 Everyone was free to make their own design...
Picture 3 ...after an information gathering process...
Picture 4 ..we decided our own individual ways of building.
Picture 1 Wow! Real chainmail is SO heavy.
Picture 2 Chainmail demo!
Picture 3 A 'sword stab' just pushed the watermelon away
Picture 4 A downward blow just bounces the 'sword' back
Picture 5 Without the chainmail armour...
Picture 6 ...the water melon is history!
Picture 1 Cardiff Class on Medieval Day - what a sight!
Picture 1 Knight Dude Sir Mark Vance came to see us.
Picture 2 He showed us how an axe slides off a metal helmet!
Picture 3 Dressed up like an Archer
Picture 4 Trying on real chainmail!
Picture 5 Look at the length of that spear!
Picture 6 Tapping armour with a battleaxe...!
Picture 7 Trying on a gauntlet
Picture 8 Is he ever impressed by anything...?!
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Getting into the spirit of the thing!
Picture 12
Picture 13 Holding an axe!
Picture 14
Picture 15 There's a dichotomy for you!
Picture 16 Scary maiden, armed with a dagger
Picture 17 Smiling!
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Will this protect my shnozz?
Picture 21 GRR!
Picture 22 Helmets were specially shaped to protect from axes
Picture 1 You can go mountain biking in Wales!
Picture 2 You can go sea kayaking around Wales!
Picture 3 Learning about adventurous activities in Wales
Picture 4 Bolsover Castle: we're going here soon!
Picture 5 The gift shop is fab! Fantastic books to buy...