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We know that a castle should be located...
...on high ground. If all of the school grounds...
...were trees, 1,000 years ago, where would we...
...decide to build our castle keep and walls?
Looking for the north end of the school grounds...
..Over there?
That is as far north as we can go!
Now... west!
Keep going!
Up there!
Now we've gone as far east as we can go...
..writing about what we've found out.
KS1 educational Visit to Bolsover Castle!
Whoa, look up that chimney!
"..and here is where the sword smashed the marble!
Look at that view! A good defensive position...
Going for a stroll along the Wall Walk
Playing 'Capture the Flag' using NESW directions
We got it!
We win!
Cardiff Class mascot Dafydd the Dragon joins in
Fantastic exercise AND learning compass directions
Making our own castles!
Everyone was free to make their own design...
...after an information gathering process...
..we decided our own individual ways of building.
Wow! Real chainmail is SO heavy.
Chainmail demo!
A 'sword stab' just pushed the watermelon away
A downward blow just bounces the 'sword' back
Without the chainmail armour...
...the water melon is history!
Cardiff Class on Medieval Day - what a sight!
Knight Dude Sir Mark Vance came to see us.
He showed us how an axe slides off a metal helmet!
Dressed up like an Archer
Trying on real chainmail!
Look at the length of that spear!
Tapping armour with a battleaxe...!
Trying on a gauntlet
Is he ever impressed by anything...?!
Getting into the spirit of the thing!
Holding an axe!
There's a dichotomy for you!
Scary maiden, armed with a dagger
Will this protect my shnozz?
Helmets were specially shaped to protect from axes
You can go mountain biking in Wales!
You can go sea kayaking around Wales!
Learning about adventurous activities in Wales
Bolsover Castle: we're going here soon!
The gift shop is fab! Fantastic books to buy...