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Super Foods                  

Our new topic for the summer term is all about Super Foods.  As part of this topic we will be learning all about healthy eating and will be preparing some tasty treats.  We will be finding out about the famous artist Paul Cezanne and creating our own compositions.  We have also arranged a visit to an educational farm where we will be able to experience at first hand the different elements of food production.

Spring Topic = Rotten Romans

This term we will be finding out about the Rotten Romans.  We will be learning about how life changed for people living in Britain when the Romans invaded and settled.  We will be learning about the Celtic warrior Boudicca and how she rose up against the Romans.  We will be building mini Celtic and Roman settlements and creating our own Roman mosaics.  As part of this topic we will be having a Roman day in school where the children will get to dress up and be a Roman for the day!

The Roman Invasion Of Hollingwood

Autumn 2 Topic = Savage Stone Age                  

This half term we will be learning all about the 'Savage Stone Age'.  We will be creating our own cave art, constructing mini shelters, learning about hunter-gatherers and sewing our own tapestry.  As part of the topic we will also be visiting Creswell Crags which is riddled with naturally-formed caves which were once home to Ice Age animals, Neanderthals and humans. 

Creswell Crags Visit

Autumn 1 Topic = Extreme Earth

This term we are learning all about our 'Extreme Earth'. As part of our topic we will be finding about the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, children will learn about how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.

What to do in an earthquake!

Investigating Tectonic Plates