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Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery


In our Voyages of Discovery topic we have been thinking about famous explorers and the places they travelled to.

Captain James Cook

We have learned about Captain James Cook and his journeys in The Endeavour. We have been especially interested in the information Charlie  brought into school after a trip to Whitby.

We have imagined what it was like for Captain Cook to arrive on the shore of Botany Bay and have acted out our ideas. We have also written letters home to our families telling them about what we have found.

We have also discovered how good a cartographer Captain Cook was. This linked in with our work on map skills. We can find places using grid references and know Ordnance Survey symbols.


Christopher Columbus

We have learned about Christopher Columbus and his travels to America. Some groups are also researching him as part of our Computing. In these lessons we are working extremely hard to create a Wikipedia page so that we can help each other learn new things.



Robert Falcon Scott

The third explorer we have studied is Robert Falcon Scott. We have learned about his travels to Antarctica with his team and their ill-feted quest to be the first explorers to reach the South Pole. Before we learned of his fate we considered the reasons for and against going to Antarctica in 'conscience alley'. We thought of many extremely good reasons for and against going, which we are evaluating and writing up in a balanced argument.

As we have been learning all about the importance of democracy in PSHE, we have been voting on many important issues.

Before we learned of his fate we had a class vote to see who, if they had been Scott, would have gone to Antarctica. Despite the threat of frost-bite, being killed by a polar bear, being stranded and running out of food, 21/29 brave (or foolhardy) thrill seekers would have gone. 8 more sensible souls would have stayed at home.


We have also voted for our favourite explorer

Out of 29 votes:

Christopher Columbus: 1

Robert Falcon Scott: 8

Captain James Cook: 20

Captain Cook was a clear, runaway winner!