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Our curriculum has been designed to provide the children with a high level of knowledge and skill. It supports children to become confident, resilient learners who are global citizens and who make a positive impact on their community. Our curriculum offers children experiences which give them opportunities to develop life skills and instills in them an aspiration to achieve.


Children are taught separate subjects with connections made where they naturally fit. The Schemes of Work in place have been written by each of our teachers who take a lead on a specific subject or area of learning. Each Scheme focuses on how skills and knowledge develop and build upon one another to create schematic links which lead to learning being stored in the long term memory. 

When creating our schemes of work we began by looking at what our community can offer us in terms of learning, celebrating the rich cultural and historical traditions of this Derbyshire town. We also consulted parents and children on what they felt was key to primary education.  


Our curriculum is held together by the themes of Innovation, Regeneration and Conservation and these concepts are visited regularly throughout every subject. 

Innovation describes occasions where communities and society has been forced to innovate to solve a problem

Regeneration describes society's need for hope and resilience after a setback (this supports our approach to Attachment Aware Schools for which we have an accreditation)

Conservation describes the school's commitment to teaching children about healthy approaches to tackling climate change and allows the children to engage in social activism.


We have paid close attention to what is known about how children learn and also the neuroscience behind 'remembering'. We have used articles such as this to inform our practice:

We know that 'metacognition' is the key to successful learning and so actively promote the understanding of how we learn as soon as our children begin with us in the Foundation Stage. Staff have done CPD on a range of relevant information related to metacognition including 'Rosenshine's Principles' (Sherrington, 2019) and 'working memory'. 


Find out more about the National Curriculum here:


If parents or visitors would like to know more about our approach to the design of our curriculum please contact our Curriculum Lead Teacher: Miss Rianna Jackson via the school office.