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Visions and Values


Our Vision and Values


Our vision is for a school which provides outstanding opportunities for the children of the Hollingwood community. It is important to us that children come to school happy and ready to learn and that we work in close partnership with parents to achieve this. 


Our vision is for a curriculum which is immersive and provides regular first hand experiences for the children. Wherever possible we will respond to the needs and interests of the child whilst ensuring that our provision is broad, balanced and relevant.


Our vision is for an inclusive school where pupils of all abilities, background and need are respected and valued for the contribution they make. We will ensure that our practices support equality of opportunity and recognise the cultural values of our wider community.


Our vision is for a school with a forward thinking and proactive philosophy - one which embraces the benefits of living in a technologically advanced society whilst appreciating the need to protect cultural values and traditions.


Our vision is for a school where children understand the positive impact they can have in changing the world around them by showing care, compassion ,tolerance and kindness. A school where Respect, Resilience and Responsibility are held dear.


  • We value our community, we enjoy involving parents and the wider community in events and opportunities
  • We value teamwork and see ourselves as 'The Hollingwood family'
  • We value aspiration and strive to be the best we can be